Many sports are played in a community.

There are many places where community groups of all ages play sport.

Australian Rules football ©Getty Images

Australian Rules football ©Getty Images

Australian Rules Football

Many communities have an Australian Rules football club, sometimes with both junior and senior teams.  The teams train together and play matches against other community teams.  On Saturday mornings there is training in footy skills for little kids.

There are also soccer teams in some communities.  Both Australian Rules and soccer are played on sporting grounds in winter. Many community football and soccer teams are women's teams.

Netball ©Getty Images

Netball ©Getty Images


Netball is mostly played by girls and women, but boys and men can play also.

There are netball clubs in many communities. The community teams play against each other. Netball is played on a court which can be indoors or outdoors.

In country towns, where teams have to travel long distances to play matches, football and netball teams play on the same day in the same community to the teams can travel together. 

In summer, community cricket clubs use the sporting grounds. Cricket clubs play matches against other community cricket teams. Community football, cricket and netball clubs teach their sports to children.

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Little Athletics

Little Athletics is for children between 5 and 16 years old.  All across Australia, in many communities, Little Athletics run track and field training and competitions.  

The events include running, jumping, throwing and walking.  The events are different for each age group of girls and boys .


There are basketball clubs also, played indoors on a court. There are men’s and women’s teams, and many children also learn and play basketball.


In some places there are also tennis courts for people in the community to use for games and to learn tennis.

lawn bowls ©Getty Images

lawn bowls ©Getty Images

Lawn Bowls

Most communities have a lawn bowls club, which is a sport played by people of any age. The game is played on well cut grass or fake turf, by rolling a small ball along the ground towards a small white ball called a 'jack' at the other end of the lawn. The bowling balls have a weight inside so the ball does not roll in a straight line. The skill is to get the ball to curve in the direction the player wants it to go.

golf ©Getty Images

golf ©Getty Images



There are golf courses in some communities. The game is played on big grassy spaces. There are nine spaces, each with a hole in the ground near the end. Players hit a small ball with a metal stick called a golf club, and then try to hit the ball into the hole. They then move to the next space.

What sports are played in your community?

What sports do you play?

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