Using renewable energy is part of sustainable living. iStock

Using renewable energy is part of sustainable living. iStock

Sustainable living is trying to live in a way that reduces, or lessens, our use of the Earth's natural resources. This means using less water, electricity, fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum, and timber products.

Using renewable forms of energy is part of sustainable living.

It means recycling materials such as paper, glass, alluminium, metal, plastic and stone.

It means using recycled materials whenever we can.

It means buying food that is seasonal and produced locally, therefore reducing the need for products to be transported long distances. (Transportation uses energy from fossil fuels.)

It means eating less meat. Meat production uses lots of water and food (feed for animals) and causes soil erosion and other damage to the land.

What people can do

Plant a fruit tree and grow your own fruit.

Plant a fruit tree and grow your own fruit.

Grow food

Growing some of your own food. Start a vegetable or herb garden, and plant a fruit tree or even two. This will save tonnes of transport greenhouse gases because the food will be right outside your door.

Preserve food

Did you know that preserving food by pickling, drying or bottling is better than freezing in a refrigerator.

Why? Because it uses less energy than the refrigerator.

Reduce waste

Gases such as carbon dioxide and methane are released into the atmosphere from waste disposal sites. This adds to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Dangerous materials also leaking from rubbish dumps and pollute waterways and soil from rubbish dumps.

Insulate houses

Insulate houses to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the house. Trees planted around the house will shade it during hot weather.

Some people are covering roofs with living plants to stop the house warming or cooling too quickly.

Use public transport

Use public transport whenever you can to reduce the amount of gases from petrol powered cars. Ride your bike!

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